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Pablo García Borboroglu wins conservation awards

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 11:45

Travel is usually a major part of Pablo García Borboroglu‘s life. As a scientist and advocate for penguin conservation around the globe, Borboroglu often shuttles between penguin nesting sites, labs and government offices.

But this spring and summer, Borboroglu — who is president of the Global Penguin Societyand a University of Washington affiliate associate professor of biology — worked in trips to Europe and the United States to receive two separate awards for his career in penguin research and advocacy.

In April, Borboroglu was in London at the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society to receive the Whitley Gold Award, also known as the “Green Oscar,” from the Whitley Fund for Nature. Princess Anne, daughter of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, presented Borboroglu with the award, which includes 60,000 British pounds in project funding. This fall, citing his Whitley Gold Award and other accolades, the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine National Congress issued a declaration in his honor.

In June, Borboroglu traveled to Washington, D.C., to receive a National Geographic/Buffett Award for Leadership in Conservation from the National Geographic Society, which includes a $25,000 prize.

“Both ceremonies were incredible,” said Borboroglu. “It was great to be allowed to increase the visibility of the conservation problems that penguins and the oceans are facing — and how the Global Penguin Society is addressing them worldwide.”

For nearly three decades, Borboroglu has been involved in studies of penguins and conservation efforts for these Southern Hemisphere, flightless birds. Through the Global Penguin Society, he promotes protections for all 18 penguin species — more than half of which are threatened, according to Borboroglu. He directs these endeavors from his native Argentina, where he is also a permanent researcher with the National Research Council of Argentina.

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