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Three Biology faculty elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences

Friday, July 13, 2018 - 15:30

Congratulations to Drs Ben Hall, Lynn Riddiford, and Daniel Schindler on their election to the Washington State Academy of Sciences!

Benjamin Hall, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington; NAS

Dr. Hall was elected to NAS in 2014 for his research on molecular systematics of fungi and of flowering plants, initially using the sequences of moderately conserved proteins of the transcription apparatus as an evolutionary metric. He decoded the genome of the Rhododendron species R. williamsianum.

Lynn Riddiford, Professor Emerita, University of Washington; NAS

Dr. Riddiford was elected to NAS in 2010 for significant contributions to the field of developmental biology. Her research investigated the control of molting and metamorphosis in insects by the steroid hormone ecdysone and the sesquiterpenoid juvenile hormone.

Daniel Schindler, Professor, University of Washington

Dr. Schindler’s research has changed the way ecologists think of the meta-population concept, particularly with respect of Pacific salmon, and its implications for sustainability. His research has contributed substantially to understanding linkages between salmon population ecology and demography, and natural as well as anthropogenic impacts.

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