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David Giblin on Northwest wildflowers and local hotspots

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 09:00

The Pacific Northwest’s annual high-country wildflower season is gradually emerging in some locales, and still awaiting a meltout in others. This year’s show is shaping up to be a good season, says David Giblin, UW Biology research scientist and collections manager of the University of Washington Herbarium at the Burke Museum.

“A year like this year, when we had an above-average snowfall in much of the Cascades and the Olympics, should mean that it will be a very good year for wildflowers,” said Giblin, who’s also an editor for the nonprofit Washington Native Plant Society and a contributor to the Burke’s flower-identification app.

When are optimal flower-viewing times? Giblin says that each year is different, but provides an estimate: Flowers in the Olympic Mountains are usually best from late June through “about the third week of July.” Mount Rainier? Mid-July through mid-August. Mount Baker and the North Cascades? August to early September.

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