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WOOF and biology faculty collaborate on 3D printing on UW Today

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 13:15

Established in 2012, the Washington Open Objects Fabricators 3D Print Club — WOOF for short — is a UW student organization focused on advancing 3D printing technologies through education, skills development and project-based work. Housed in ME, the club consists of about 40 members. Although most are engineering students, they believe in the technology’s potential for impact across all disciplines.

Since 2015, WOOF has collaborated with the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture to 3D scan and print replica bones to complete a Columbian Mammoth skeleton for the museum to exhibit when it opens its new building in 2019. Club members have also recently started investigating how to 3D print in bronze a replica of a tooth from the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton unearthed by Burke paleontologists in 2016. Another cluster of students is working with Burke Museum curator Sharlene Santana, who researches how and what bats eat by examining their skulls and jawbones, to 3D print enlarged replicas of bat skulls for better study.

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