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Our Department of Biology Graduate Student Guidelines outline the expectations of our graduate students.

For students beginning in Autumn 2018 or later: Graduate Student Guidelines

This document outlines the major milestones during graduate school including: forming your supervisory committee at the end of your first year, submission of a research proposal leading up to the General Exam by the end of your second year, and submission of a thesis leading up to the Final Exam/Dissertation Defense. The Guidelines also outline academic progress, and resolving conflicts with advisors.

Our department guarantees funding for the first five years of a graduate student's program of study.  Beyond that, the department strives to continue to support all students until their degree is completed.  In the event that the number of requests for a TA position exceeds the number of available TA positions in a given quarter, the TA Assignment Policy is put into effect.

If at any point you wish to know the number of points you currently hold, you can contact for an update.

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