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Grad Travel

Biology Department Graduate Travel Funds (updated May 2022)

The Department of Biology is pleased to be able to provide $500 in travel reimbursement for graduate students presenting at a conference. These funds may be used to pay for travel, registration, or lodging costs. Meals/per diem/incidentals are not reimbursed from the Department travel funds. A maximum of two awards can be granted to students during their tenure.


UW Graduate School Travel Funds

Graduate student conference presentation awards are available to assist graduate students with travel fares and conference registration fees for conferences at which they will present papers or posters. Students in the arts may receive funding to give invited performances or installations.

Graduate School travel awards may be used only for airfare, mileage, taxis/bus/train fare, parking or conference registration fees. Priority will be given to graduate students who do not have other funding available for the conference and/or who have not received a Graduate School Conference Presentation Award in the past.

Graduate School Maximum Award Amounts

  • $300 for virtual conference registration fee
  • $300 for domestic travel and conference registration fee
  • $500 for international travel and conference registration fee

Graduate School Award Eligibility

  • Student must be confirmed as a presenter before funds are requested
  • Student must be in a UW graduate degree program and enrolled in courses at the time of the conference (or enrolled in spring and registered for autumn if the conference is in the summer)
  • Individual awards are limited to one every other year (July 1 - June 30)
  • There are no longer due dates for submission of conference presentation award requests, but requests must be submitted prior to the conference

How to Request Funding - Department or Graduate School

To request either departmental or Graduate School travel funds, you must complete the Travel Authorization form, indicate that you are requesting Department/Grad School funds, and have your advisor approve the request by the date indicated below based on your travel plans.

Please attach a copy of the program page/s showing your participation, a copy of your abstract, and the email or other correspondence confirming acceptance of your conference presentation to your travel request form. We will not be able to approve your request for departmental funding or submit a request on your behalf for Graduate School funding without these documents.


Seeking other sources of funding for travel?

The Graduate & Professional Student Senate offers competitive travel scholarships.  Visit their website for more information on how to apply.

The UW's Population Health Initiative also offers travel funding for those presenting a population health related poster, presentation, or speech.  Population Health is broadly defined by this initiave - visit their website for more information to determine your eligibility.


International Travel

COVID Update: Effective September 10, 2021, graduate students must register their international travel and apply for a travel waiver for all countries with a DOS Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4. Travel waiver requests must be submitted through the UW Study Abroad Independent Learning program by the following deadlines:

Early Fall/Autumn Quarter – May 15

Winter Quarter – November 1

Spring Quarter – January 31

Summer Quarter – April 15

  • If you are traveling to a country with a DOS Level 4, you must submit a written endorsement from your committee chair (or equivalent) and Graduate Program Chair, Caroline Stromberg. Please secure these endorsements prior to the independent learning application process. You will upload them as part of the application

More information can be found here:

Per the Student International Travel Policy (SGP Chapter 211). This policy outlines three important pre-departure requirements for all students traveling abroad for official academic purposes:

  1. Register international travel with the Office of Global Affairs (OGA)
  2. Purchase comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance while abroad
  3. Request a waiver for travel to high risk destinations

This registration is required for all “University-sponsored international travel,” including conducting research if you are receiving a salary, stipend, or academic credit;  attending or presenting at a conference and receiving funding from the UW; or participating in a structured study abroad program.  Simply put, when you leave the country because of your research, you will need to register and purchase insurance.  GAIP insurance does not meet the requirements necessary to waive the purchase of travel insurance.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Help ensure that UW students have a safe and successful academic experience abroad
  2. Raise awareness so that all UW students know about international health and safety resources and services when traveling abroad
  3. Institutionalize long-standing best practices that help ensure the University’s ability to consistently provide efficient and effective, 24/7 support to all students studying abroad

Though there is no tracking of this new policy, the department strongly encourages you to follow the policy each time you exit the country related to your academic work.  This is intended to protect you in the event of an emergency – health, political, natural disaster, or otherwise.  Students who fail to register their international travel in accordance with this policy may not receive University assistance in case of emergency

The cost of travel insurance is less than $2/day, and is non-reimbursable as defined by Washington state law, so you must pay out of pocket.

Please visit the Office of Global Affairs website for more information and FAQs.  

Date last changed Dec 28th, 2022 @ 11:22:32 PST