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Departmental committees

Diversity and Equity Committee

In the Department of Biology, we continue to strive for an inclusive and welcoming departmental culture that recognizes and encourages individual differences, that fosters the constructive expression of ideas, and that promotes shared values such as intellectual curiosity, creativity, collegiality, and sense of mission. Traditions of inclusivity can only flourish and reach full potential with continued active nourishment and effort, and with a collective sense of responsibility and mission on the part of the entire community. We as a department are committed to the continued development of our diverse and collegial community of people, ideas, and approaches through our missions of research, education, and public outreach.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Diversity & Equity Committee supports these efforts via the following subcommittees: (1) Codes of Conduct & Conflict Resolution (Joint with Executive Committee and Graduate & Postdoc Program Committee), (2) Faculty Searches & Graduate Recruitment (Joint with Faculty Search Committee and Graduate & Postdoc Program Committee), (3) Mentoring, Networking, & Training: Mentoring Compacts (Joint with Graduate & Postdoc Program Committee), (4) Mentoring, Networking, & Training: Portfolio of Training Activities (Joint with Executive Committee), and (5) Undergraduate Community & STEM Opportunities (Joint with Undergraduate Program Committee).

If you would like to contribute to these activities or would like to share your perspectives, please contact Brian J. Buchwitz and Karen E. Petersen, Co-Chairs of the Diversity & Equity Committee, at and

Brian Buchwitz
Carl Bergstrom
Caroline Cappello
Jordan Claytor
Verónica Di Stilio
Janet Germeraad
Kristiina Hurme
Michael Kennedy (He/Him)
Sheryl Medrano
Sarah Morrow
Adamaris Muñiz Tirado
Richard Olmstead
Karen Petersen
Kavya Pradhan
Román Ramos Báez
William Sano
Casey Self
Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh
Liz Warfield
Luke Weaver
Grad/Postdoc Program Committee

The Graduate & Postdoc Program Committee (GPC) is broadly responsible for managing the graduate student and postdoc programs within UW Biology. These responsibilities include setting guidelines and policies for these programs, handling recruitment/admissions/orientation for the graduate program, distributing awards to graduate students and postdocs, and serving as a resource for, and promoter of the department’s graduate students and postdocs. In all of its tasks, the GPC works towards increased equity, accessibility, and inclusivity within the graduate and postdoc program in order to recruit and retain a diverse community of graduate students and postdocs in our department.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the GPC will support its mission through the following subcommittees and/or themes: (1) graduate recruitment, admissions, and orientation (joint with DEC), (2) graduate and postdoctoral awards, (3) mentoring, networking, & training (joint with EC, DEC, RC, and UPC), (4) codes of conduct & conflict resolution (joint with EC and DEC).

If you would like to help in these efforts or share your perspectives and ideas, please contact Caroline Strömberg, Chair of the GPC, at

Caroline Strömberg
Joyce Antonio
Martha M. Bosma
Berry J Brosi
Tanya Brown
Krista Clouser
Thomas Daniel
Jennifer Doherty
Sarah Guiziou
Takato Imaizumi
Zoe Kulik
Andrew Magee
Sarah Morrow
Mugdha Sathe
Adam Steinbrenner
Elena Stiles
Abigail L. S. Swann
Research Committee

Mission: To promote and facilitate all aspects of research within the Biology department, including securing funding, supporting infrastructure, the greenhouse and imaging facilities, organizing space and other shared resources for our research endeavours. The research committee aims to encourage and facilitate the process of identifying funding opportunities for departmental resources, competing for those resources and efficiently using that funding to expand the department research capabilities. It also aims to ensure equitable access to departmental resources necessary for successful implementation of individual research programs while considering department wide resource limitations. The committee advises the Biology Department Chair on research-related allocations of space and to that end, reviews laboratories regularly (every 2-3 years) with respect to their use of assigned spaces. The committee also oversees the departmental shared research resources, such as the Greenhouse, environmental chambers and imaging center, and advises the Biology Chair on their management. Finally, the committee advises the Biology Chair of priorities for use of research cost recovery (indirect cost) funds. Main 2020 agenda items: COVID-19 Management of Research Plans Coordinate with POD captains to facilitate space allocation and research needs Help obtain funds for Biology Departmental facilities.

2020-2021 Biology Research Committee Agenda:

1. COVID-19 Management of Research Plans.
2. Coordinate with POD captains to facilitate space allocation and research needs.
3. Help obtain funds for Biology Departmental Research facilities.
4. Equity in Field Biology Research Task Force.
5. Update the List of Equipment to be posted on the Biology website.


Billie J. Swalla
Wai Pang Chan
Jeremy Chan
Michele Conrad
Melissa Delgado
Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen
Aaron Hernandez
Jon Herron
Adam Leaché
Alexander Paredez
Alejandro Rico-Guevara
Jackson Tonnies
Samuel K Wasser
Undergrad Program Committee

The mission of the Department of Biology Undergraduate Program Committee is to ensure that all of our biology majors graduate with a deep understanding of core biological principles and with the critical scientific skills needed to address questions across the many sub-disciplines within the life sciences. The committee reviews and makes recommendations on new undergraduate courses, changes to existing undergraduate courses as well as undergraduate academic programs and degree requirements with the overall goal of maintaining a curriculum that dynamically responds to societal needs and newly emerging ideas. We are committed to using evidence-based teaching strategies to create a challenging and inclusive learning environment for our diverse pool of students.
Main agenda items:

Support incorporation of antiracist content in Biology courses (joint with DEC)
Curriculum reform, or at minimum this year, coordinating small groups of faculty to examine courses in their area of expertise in relation to Biology major requirements
Teaching policy to support sustained offering of courses for general education and for our majors
Improve department-wide understanding of biology education research (with Seminar Committee)

Jennifer L. Ruesink
Bing W. Brunton
Alison Crowe
Janet Germeraad
Katie Holt
Linda Martin-Morris
Jason Patterson
Daniel Promislow
Jeff Rasmussen
Jeff Riffell
L. Christine Savolainen
Casey Self
Adam Summers
Peter D. Ward
Ben Wiggins
Ben Wiggins
Ben Wiggins