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Research Overview


Neurons and neuronal networks decide, remember, modulate, and control an animal¹s every sensation, thought, movement, and act. The intimate details of this network, including the dynamical properties of individual and populations of neurons, give a nervous system the power to control a wide array of behavioral functions. We want to know more about neuronal dynamics and networks; about synaptic interactions between neurons; about how neuronal signaling and behavior and control and environmental stimuli are inextricably linked.


Tom Daniel received his Ph.D. in 1982 from Duke University where he worked with Steven Vogel and Stephen Wainwright on animal locomotion and biomechanics. He followed this with a Bantrell Postdoctoral Fellowship in Engineering Sciences at the California Institute of Technology under the guidance of Ted Wu where he continued working on the fluid dynamics of animal movement. In 1984 he joined the Department of Zoology at the University of Washington. He is the proud recipient of the UW Distinguished Teaching Award,the UW Distinguished Gradaute Mentor Award, and a MacArthur Fellowship.