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Research Overview

No longer researching in impact of chromosome structure on gene expression (Post doctoral investigation at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), I am now focused on educational research.  Subdisciplines include best practices in team instruction, impact of post exam point recapture, utilization and training of peer teaching assistants.


Dr. Martin-Morris is a Principal Lecturer in Biology. Hired full-time as a lecturer in 1994, she has worked with numerous faculty, courses, and students. Courses taught include Biology 100, Biology 110, Biology 200, Biology 201, Biology 302, Biology 396, Biology 402, Biology 492, Biology 496, Biology 497, Biology 498, Biology 505, General Studies 105, General Studies 350, and Genome Sciences 371. Dr. Martin-Morris is supervising her first undergraduate research assistant this year, so student interested in education research may contact her.  Dr. Martin-Morris does not maintain an active research laboratory.

Selected Publications