Postdoctoral Scholar
206-221-5756 (office)
HCK 544

Research Interests

Stomatal development.  Genes expressed in the stomatal precursor stem-cell-like state.  Live time-lapse confocal imaging of early Arabidopsis epidermis.  Shooting cells with lasers.


Kylee studies stomatal development in the model plant Arabidopsis with the Torii lab and maintains a primary relationship with their confocal microscopes. She was awarded the National Science Foundation's three-year Graduate Research Fellowship in 2008.

Thanks to the WRF-Hall Fellowship, Kylee spent fall quarter 2012 studying real-time embryo imaging with the ERATO Higashiyama Live-Holonics group at Nagoya University in Japan.

Through serving as a senator in the Graduate and Professional Student Senate for three years, she saw a need for an active social organization focusing on LGBTQ graduate students and worked with a task force to start RainbowGrads, serving as administrative chair for 2011-12. She has also participated in the department IT committee and founded the graduate student blog, Science Positive.

Kylee successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis in June 2013 and is currently wrapping up some imaging projects in the Torii Lab.

Data from our microarray paper have been incorporated into the Arabidopsis eFP Browser under "Data Source: Guard Cell." Check out the expression information for Torii lab favorite MUTE and the recently published HDG2.