Graduate Student
206-616-7156 (office)
206-543-6594 (lab)
Advisor: Richard Olmstead
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HCK 408

Research Interests

I am interested in plant systematics, evolution, and evolutionary ecology.  I am using molecular data to elucidate the evolutionary relationships between flowering plant taxa, and using the resultant phylogenetic trees to investigate evolutionary trends in ecological traits and the effect of ecological traits on evolutionary patterns, such as diversification rate.  I am also interested in the curation of herbaria, and the role of herbaria in preserving and sharing botanical knowledge.

Plant community in the Sierra Nevadas, California


I am a PhD student at UW in Dick Olmstead's lab, which focuses on plant molecular phylogenetic studies.  I received a M.S. in Ecology in 2010 from the University of California, Davis, where I studied plant community ecology in the lab of Sharon Strauss.  I attended Cornell University from 2002 to 2006, where I double majored in Biology and Plant Science.  I have also worked as a research assistant in labs at UC Berkeley and Tufts University, where I conducted studies on plant-virus-vector interactions and zebrafish development.

Curriculum vitae (pdf)