Hille Ris Lambers,Janneke

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Research Overview

Research in my lab is motivated by basic and applied questions in plant community ecology. Research questions include: i) forecasting the impacts of climate change on western conifers; ii) the contributions of niche and neutral processes for the coexistence of serpentine annuals; and iii) top-down and bottom-up controls of diversity and productivity in western Washington prairies. Our research is generally motivated by ecological theory, and we approach questions of interest with observational studies, manipulative experiments, and statistical modeling.


Janneke Hille Ris Lambers received her BA from University of Virginia in 1994, in the Environmental Sciences Department. She received her PhD from Duke University (2001), working on the demography of temperate deciduous forests in the Southern Appalachians. She then completed two postdocs, one at University of Minnesota (working with David Tilman), the second at University of California, Santa Barbara (working with Jonathan Levine). She joined the faculty at University of Washington in 2006.

Selected Publications