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Graduate student Spotlight

Zoe Kulik
Research direction: My research focuses on using bone tissue microstructure as a proxy for growth and life history in Permo-Triassic vertebrate fossils.

I am a paleobiologist interested in understanding how the architecture of bone tissue can provide insights into the biology, growth rates, and life history of fossilized animals.

Marina Watowich
Research direction: Uncovering how environmental stressors affect primate genomics and aging.

I investigate how environmental stressors, such as natural disasters, affect nonhuman primate genomics, immune health, and behavior across aging. Previously, I have studied the phylogenetic relationships and obligate pollination behavior of microlepidoptera. I earned a B.A. from Carleton College where I studied reef fish behavior under conditions of ocean acidification and participated in a long-standing wildlife conservation project with Round River Conservation Studies.