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Postdoctoral Fellows

An exceptionally broad, integrative and collaborative program for biological research

We value a diversity of people and approaches to solve the most important problems in Biology. Accordingly, the Department of Biology has an unusual breadth of top-notch faculty, postdocs, and students who study topics at spatial scales ranging from molecules to the entire planet. Many work at the intersections of fields, developing new technologies and forging interdisciplinary collaborations. These efforts are facilitated by Seattle’s position as a major intellectual hub for biology. Indeed, the University of Washington has been the leading recipient of federal research funding—now more than $1 billion per year—among public universities for more than 20 years.

Our trainees are valued colleagues

Our trainees receive an extraordinary number of fellowships and awards, publish high impact papers and participate regularly in national and international meetings. Our postdocs also go on to do great things. Contributing to this success, our postdocs receive additional training by participating in seminars and journal clubs within the Department, across the UW campus, and at our partner institutions in the Seattle metro area. To provide additional preparation for our postdocs' future independent careers, the Department also sponsors professional skills seminars and workshops and offers valuable opportunities to participate in departmental governance and teaching. 

Seattle is a great place to live

Seattle is a vibrant city, well known for its excellent food, arts, music and sports. We are also surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Within a few hours, you can be hiking in the Olympic National Forest, strolling through montane meadows, or relaxing on a ferry to the San Juan Islands. The cost of living is reasonable and one cannot help but fall in love with the friendly, easy-going Seattle community.

UW Postdoctoral Association

Founded in 2005, the UWPA is an organization run by postdocs for postdocs. The UWPA provides programming to improve the working life of postdoctoral scholars across campus. We recognize the transient nature of this position and believe in creating a sense of community for postdocs by offering career development and networking resources to support postdocs into the next stage of their careers. 

Through the long-standing partnership of the UWPA and the University's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA), the UWPA is pleased to support postdocs in their application for OPA travel grants, mentorship awards, and discretionary funds. Further, the OPA offers a rich variety of resources for postdocs including orientation, office hours, a quarterly professional development series, and much more. Representatives on the UWPA’s Council will serve to ensure all postdocs in your department are aware of these resources and gather input for suggested activities. The Council of Representatives exists to enable the UWPA to represent well the diverse needs of postdocs from the various areas within the university and opens communication between the needs of the department and the postdoc community at large. 

Over the past 13 years, the UWPA has established strong working relationships with key strategic partners, both here at UW and in the Greater Seattle area. As a result we are well placed as a neutral, non-political, advocate for postdoctoral well-being in all postdoc-centric matters and would be happy to serve as a neutral voice in negotiations between University administration and the newly formed Union, if needed.  

The department of Biology's UWPA representative is Winnie Ho.

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