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Published: 05/20/2019

Photo by Kate Brooks
Excerpt from article by Sandi Doughton of The Seattle Times

SAM WASSER doesn’t sleep well.

How can he, when 40,000 elephants are still slaughtered...Read more

Published: 05/10/2019

Dr. Moon Draper has a long history of teaching for honors programs.  In his experience he has found the diversity of thought, background, and perspective endlessly refreshing. So much so, that...Read more

Published: 05/02/2019

Original article by James Urton on UW News.

Humans may be forgiven for overlooking bats. After all, many bat species are out and about when we’re turning...Read more

Published: 05/01/2019

Original article by Glenn Fleishman on FastCompany.

Welcome to the other side of the uncanny valley of profile photographs. The attention of generated imagery has so far...Read more

Published: 04/30/2019

Original article by Andrea Godinez, Burke Museum PR

A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of...Read more

Published: 04/29/2019
Dr. Gabby Wolff, postdoc in the Riffell Lab, has been awarded the UW Graduate School’s 2019 Postdoc Mentoring Award.  
Published: 04/26/2019

Photo by Christopher Walton, original article by Erik Stokstad

Antarctica's charismatic emperor penguins are thought to be particularly...Read more

Published: 04/24/2019

Congratulations to Jennifer Doherty on winning the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award!

The Distinguished Teaching Award is given annually to seven faculty members: five from the Seattle...Read more

Published: 04/19/2019

Congratulations to Sharlene Santana and Verónica di Stilio on winning Fulbright Scholarships!

The Fulbright Program, which aims to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people...Read more

Published: 04/19/2019

Congratulations to Keiva Augilera Montero and Bao Nguyen for being named to the Husky 100!  Each year, the Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students from...Read more