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Published: 11/12/2019

Original article by UW News. Photo credit to UC San Francisco.

With a $106 million gift from the Weill Family Foundation, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and the University...Read more

Published: 11/05/2019

Original article by Nancy Joseph for the College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives newsletter. Photo by Dennis Wise/University of Washington.

Christian Sidor clutches a large box as he enters a...Read more

Published: 10/24/2019

Original story by UW News. Photo credit to HHMI Tangled Bank Studios.

Scientists have discovered an extraordinary collection of fossils that reveal in detail how life recovered after a catastrophic...Read more

Published: 10/17/2019

[COLLEGE STATION, USA]—Carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels is causing the Earth to warm, oceans to acidify, and climates to change. Because trees capture...Read more

Published: 10/15/2019

Original story by Michelle Ma at UW News.

Piranha fish have a powerful bite. Their teeth help them shred through the flesh of their prey or even scrape plants...Read more

Published: 10/02/2019

Original article by Hannah Hickey from UW News.  Photo by Mark Stone.

The University of Washington’s ...Read more

Published: 10/02/2019

Original article by Michelle Ma from UW News.  Photo by Petra Ditsche.

The finger-sized Northern clingfish employs one of the best suction cups in the world. A small disk on...Read more

Published: 09/10/2019

Original article by Mary Spiro with ASCB.

Mary Pat Wenderoth, a Principal Lecturer in biology at the University of Washington, has been named the 2019 winner of ASCB’s...Read more

Published: 09/11/2019

Original article by James Urton from UW News

By area, tidal flats make up more than 50 percent of Willapa Bay in southwest Washington state, making this more than...Read more

Published: 09/10/2019

Original article by Elizabeth Pennisi on Science Magazine.
Photo by Dena Grossenbacher

Yaowu Yuan's passion for monkeyflowers began in 2004 with a slideshow. Then a budding plant taxonomist at...Read more