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winter-2019 Newsletter

Dear alumni, friends, and supporters of UW Biology,

The Department of Biology at the University of Washington is the global leader in education research that is fundamentally transforming the way that biology is taught in classrooms and laboratories around the world.  If, like mine, your memories of college biology classes include listening (or pretending to listen) to... Read more

In fall of 2016, Seattle Public Schools announced they would shift high school start times from 7:50am to 8:45am, a delay of almost one hour.  The hope was that later start times would allow high school students to get more sleep.  At the time, parents had mixed reactions and school districts across the country waited in anticipation for potential impacts.  No one... Read more

One of the Life Sciences Building’s most striking features is the beautiful columns of wood that run the entire height of the building.  Visible through LSB’s expansive, glass exterior, even casual pedestrians can’t help but stop and marvel at the wood’s beauty.  So, where did the wood come from?  You might be pleasantly surprised (and... Read more

Mackenzie Coston is a senior in the Department of Biology and was the inaugural Jerry M. Sudarsky Memorial intern.

Mackenzie always knew she wanted to attend the University of Washington.  Her mom was a proud husky and her curiosity for the life sciences was a perfect match for UW.  At first, she wanted to study Bioengineering, but has since taken a keen interest in... Read more