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Face Masks

Face masks are required to be worn in all common areas of biology buildings. The only time you do not need to wear a mask is in a private office with the door shut.

All members of the department who will be working on site can request a set of 2 reusable face masks. Yes - that includes on site at Pack Forest, FHL and the like. Sarah O'Hara will fill requests M/W/F.

For people needing more than two masks (animal care, etc), you can purchase a mask in the stockroom for $4.29, a bargain! Email Eddie with budget information.

If you forgot your mask, we will have a very limited number of disposable masks on hand, starting Monday, 6/30. Email Sarah O'Hara.
Optional Bonus Info from Sarah: Obviously what mask style fits best/most comfortably will vary a lot by person. However, I have heard from several department members that the "domed" style we provide, which is a nylon cotton blend, is a lot easier to breath in for extended periods than the masks they bought/made for themselves. Something to consider!

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Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 15:37