• Greenhouse staffer Terry Huang has written a call to visit the greenhouse in anticipation of the hiatus during LSB/greenhouse construction.  Terry’s article is featured in UW Today, and may be read here.
    Wed, Sep 30 at 1 PM
  • Lecturers Mary Pat Wenderoth and Jennifer Doherty were interviewed by Ulrich Boser from the Center for Americacn Progress, who is writing a book on learning. Check out the US News & World Report article on their work in biology education. 

    "Testing plays a key role in education, if done right."

    Thu, Sep 24 at 9 AM
  • UW Biology Principal Lecturer Scott Freeman was interviewed by Ross Reynolds (KUOW) recently, and describes the innovations that he and the other members of the Biology Education Research Group have employed to improve student learning. The improvements have greatly benefited students from underprepared backgrounds, narrowing the pernicious “achievement gap.”

    Listen here.

    Wed, Sep 23 at 1 PM
  • Assistant Prof. Lauren Buckley was nominated by the National Science Foundation as a "Future Leader" in science and engineering to participate in the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto, Japan this October. The STS Forum is an annual international meeting of senior thought leaders in science and engineering policy, research, and business, modeled on the World Economic Forum in Davos.

    Congratulations Lauren!

    Thu, Sep 17 at 2 PM
  • Prof. Sam Wasser was featured on KUOW this morning on wildlife trafficking in Seattle and the US. Check out the audio clip and article here

    Cinerama preview of "Racing Extinction" raised money for Initiative 1401. KUOW PHOTO/AMY RADIL

    Thu, Sep 17 at 2 PM
  • Prof. Emily Carrington and graduate student Laura Newcomb were recently featured in UW Today after publishing their research on the effects of ocean acidification on Acetabularia in Biology Letters

    Read the full article here

    Mermaid’s wineglass algae from a site with high carbon dioxide. Note the greener color.Jason Hall-Spencer

    Tue, Sep 15 at 3 PM
  • Prof. Horacio de la Iglesia and Prof. Emeritus Gordon Orians were featured in a recent episode of KPLU's Sound Effect.

    They speak on fear and access to (or the lack of) artifical light. Check out the audio clip here.

    Fri, Sep 11 at 3 PM
  • Faculty members from several departments at the University of Washington will share $2.25 million in research funds from the National Science Foundation to study and apply the principles of evolution “in real time.” Their studies are a part of the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. 

    Read the full article here, featuring quotes from Profs. Ben Kerr and Billie Swalla. 

    Fri, Sep 11 at 8 AM
  • Prof. Sharlene Santana is one of two UW professors to win an NSF award grant to bring six Native American undergraduate students to their first scientific meeting. Native Americans are one of the most underrepresented minorities in the natural sciences. 

    “Less than half a percent of our society’s members are Native American,” said Santana, who is also curator of mammals at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. “Our goal was to specifically target this demographic and increase their participation.” 

    Read more about her efforts here

    Fri, Sep 4 at 11 AM
  • Prof. Dee Boersma was named a finalist for the 2016 Indianapolis Prize, the top honor for conservation work worldwide. 

    Congratulations Dee!

    “The [nominees] are protecting species and creating successful conservation methods that ensure future generations will live in a flourishing and sustainable world,” -- Michael Crowther, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo

    Thu, Sep 3 at 3 PM
  • Prof. Bergstrom and alum Jevin West were featured in an Inside Higher Ed article, "Men Who Admire Their Own Work".

    "One experimental study tested men’s response to group status threat. Men were randomly assigned to a computer-based woman partner who either ascribed to traditional gender roles or reported being a feminist seeking a traditionally male-typed job as a bank manager (the 'legitimacy threat' condition). Those assigned to the legitimacy threat condition were more likely to sexually harass the woman -- in other words, they were more likely to react to threat in a compensatory way. Another experiment found that men -- but not women -- who experienced threats to their gender identity express greater desire for dominance and support for societal dominance hierarchies. When men feel threatened, they compensate with greater displays of masculinity."

    Thu, Aug 27 at 4 PM
  • Prof. Peter Ward's current work on Nautilus and Allonautilus natural history and conservation is featured in the New York Times. Check out the Summer of Science 2015 here.


    An Allonautilus scrobiculatus with a radio transmitter, left and in the left hand of Chief Peter in Ndrova Island, Papua New Guinea. // Peter WardCredPeter Ward

    Fri, Aug 21 at 8 AM
  • Dr. Shirley Malcom (UW '67 and 1998 UW Alumna Summa Laude Dignata), reminds us in Science about organizational efforts and messages for removing barriers to pursuing science. We consider ourselves enlightened and we embrace the departmental mission to be inclusive, but to really remove barriers, we need to look deeply at implicit behaviors that continue to lead to bias and unequal access.


    Thu, Aug 20 at 11 AM
  • Members of the Sidor lab and Burke Museum have identified a "pre-mammal" in Zambia, publishing their findings in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology in addition to being featured in UW Today

    UW biology professor and Burke Museum curator of vertebrate paleontology Christian Sidor in Tanzania. p/c Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

    Fri, Aug 14 at 11 AM
  • The Puget Sound Business Journal featured Biology's Life Sciences Complex project in a recent article

    Wed, Aug 12 at 3 PM
  • Sam's research and implementation was featured in UW Today and AlJazeera America, check it out here!

    Tue, Aug 11 at 3 PM
  • Please join us in congratulating Dr. Tracy Larson, who has won the UW Graduate School’s 2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Biological Sciences for her thesis, “From Genetics to Behavior, the Dynamics and Mechanisms of Adult Neurogenesis in a Sensorimotor Circuit.” Tracy did her graduate work in Eliot Brenowitz’s lab, and is now a postdoc with Katie Peichel at Fred Hutchinson. Tracy can put her Distinguished Dissertation Award in the trophy case alongside her Undergraduate Research Mentor Award (2014). Well done, Tracy!

    Thu, Aug 6 at 3 PM
  • Prof. Carl Bergstrom and collaborators from Fred Hutchinson were recently featured in an editorial on eLife, a new open access journal backed by the top rsearchs and funding agencies. They call for an increased emphasis on theory and models in biology: "Theoretical ideas have a rich history in many areas of biology, and new theories and mathematical models have much to offer in the future."

    Thu, Jul 23 at 9 AM
  • Prof. Keiko Torii was quoted in an article in Science on the status of women in science in Japan. 

    Japan does need “some strong government initiative … to promote women in science as well as help them and their husbands balance families and careers.”


    Wed, Jul 22 at 10 AM
  • Asst. Prof. Jeff Riffell's collaborative work is in the news again, this time with coauthors Affil. Prof. Michael Dickinson and Assc. Prof. of Physiology and Biophysics, Adrienne Fairhall. Their research on a mosquito's sense of smell was published in Current Biology and was featured in a UW Today article recently. 

    An Aedes aegypti mosquito feeds. Only the females feed on blood.James Gathany/CDC

    Tue, Jul 21 at 3 PM