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SILS Retrospective: Learning from Our Teachers, August 2012
Thanks to all who participated in this special meeting to celebrate 23 yrs of our programs for in-service K-12 teachers!

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Interested in the Biology Fellows Program?
BIOL 106, the BFP course, is now a regular course provided by the Biology Department. See an adviser in HCK 318 for more info.
Interested in the Future Faculty Fellows Teaching Apprenticeships?
Contact R. Price or M. Servetnick at UW Bothell for more info.


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Please explore the program pages to see the resources and articles developed by our UW-HHMI team.
Our National Lab Day Celebration!
To learn more about our NLD celebration for middle school kids, see our K-12 outreach page.
In Print...
Read the 2012 article about the Biology Fellows Program in CBE-LSE (in press):
"Facilitating Long-Term Changes in Student Approaches to Learning Science"
Congratulations to UW-HHMI Participants & Awardees
Gilliam Fellowship Awardee: Martha Zepeda Rivera

HHMI EXROP Awardee: Elischa Sanders

Levinson Emerging Scholar: Marvin Nayan

President's Achievement Awardee: Denise Della

Bank of America Scholar: Jose Mario Pineda

Wells Fargo Vice President’s Achievement Awardee: Erica Chavez Santos

McNair Scholar: Elizabeth Emau, Chinonso Opara, Martha Zepeda Rivera

Mary Gates Scholar: Justin De Leon, Denise Della, Mauna Edrozo, Brittany Harding, Shereen Khorami, Megan Lacy, Helen Lai, Nathan Ma, Kevin Magnaye, Chantal Murthy, Alex Nelson, Kien-Thiet Nguyen, Jose Pineda, Claire Powers, Neela Ramanujam, Keiko Weir, Yue Xiang, Simon Zhou, Jessie Zou

S.M.A.R.T. Challenge Winning Team: Alexis Brendible, Veronica Rodriguez, Yesenia Rosales, and Erica Chavez Santos

Emerging Researchers National Meeting Presentation Awardees: Klondy Canales and Thien-Y Le

Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Presenters: Nadya Ali, Jennifer Cross, Rebecca de Frates, and Cynthia Wainaina

Faculty Development and Travel Awards

From 2002-2012, UW-HHMI supported faculty development by:

  • Providing stipend support for faculty who were developing new approaches to teaching or gathering data for science education research
  • Providing travel awards for faculty to attend national workshops or meetings to enhance teaching and training efforts or present education research results
  • Sponsoring a "Leaders in Education Seminar Series" for the UW campus

Leaders in Education Seminar Series

The UW-HHMI Programs sponsored this seminar series as part of our annual Future Faculty Fellows Workshop, or in collaboration with the Department of Biology Seminar Committee. The series featured invited speakers who are leaders of innovative science education or training programs. Seminars were open to the campus community. Opportunities were provided for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students (and on special occasions undergraduates and K-12 teachers) to meet with speakers. Speakers included:

Dr. Antonio Lazcano, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City
"The 1953 Miller Experiment and the Origins of Life" and "Teaching Evolution in Mexico"

Dr. Andrew Robertson, Chief Scientific Officer, Keystone Symposia
"The Science and Personalities Behind High-Powered Science Conferences: Perspectives from an Insider"

Dr. Kimberly Tanner, Assistant Professor, Biology Department, San Francisco State University
"Insights from a Biology Education Researcher in a Biology Department: Research on Making Undergraduate Biology Accessible for All Students"

Dr. Scott Freeman, Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of Washington
"Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology"

Dr. Peter Grant and Dr. Rosemary Grant, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
"The Evolution of Darwin's Finches"

Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell, Professor, Department of Biology, Davidson College
"Teaching at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution as a Career Option"

Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell, Professor, Department of Biology, Davidson College
"Involving Undergraduates in Genomics"

Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne, Professor, Department of Biology, University of New Mexico
"Mentoring and Celebrating Diversity in the Sciences"

Dr. Bruce Alberts, Professor of Biochemistry, University of San Francisco Medical School
"A Biochemist Goes to Washington"

Dr. Isiah Warner, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Boyd Professor in Chemistry, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"Increasing Diversity through a Mentoring Ladder"

Dr. Eugenie Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education
"Eugenie's (Approximately) Ten Top Ways to Teach Evolution Better"
Public Lecture: "What's All the Fuss About Intelligent Design?"

Dr. Robin Wright, Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota
"Active Teaching: Applying the biology of learning in our classes"

Dr. Jo Handelsman, HHMI Professor, Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin
"Training the Revolutionaries: A new generation of faculty in biology education"


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