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Hippeastrum papilio
Hippeastrum papilio

The Greenhouse is a popular teaching tool for University of Washington courses. Each year about 5,000 undergraduates in Biology, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, and Art classes visit the Greenhouse.

Students often stop by the Greenhouse in between classes. Unlike an art museum, whose exhibits change only a few times a year, the Greenhouse is ever changing, with plants coming into bloom, leaves turning, and fruits ripening year round.

Classes that Use the Greenhouse and Medicinal Herb Garden

Biol 103             Plants in the Human Environment
Biol 104             Biology for Elementary School Teachers
Biol 110             Discovery Seminar
Biol 117             Plant Identification and Classification
Biol 120             Current Controversies in Biology
Biol 180             Introductory Biology
Biol 220             Introductory Biology
Biol 317             Plant Classification and Identification
Biol 356             Foundations in Ecology
Biol 402             Cell Biology Laboratory
Biol 406             Insect Behavior
Biol 425             Advanced Plant Physiology and Development
Biol 440             General Mycology
Biol 441             Morphology and Anatomy of Land Plants
Biol 455             Entomology Laboratory
Biol 476             Conservation Biology
Biol 491             Special Topics in Biological Science for Teachers
Biol 492             The Teaching of Biology

Anth 210            Introduction to Environmental Anthropology
Anth 361            Anthropology of Food

Clas 205             Bioscientific Vocabulary Building from Latin & Greek

College of the Built Environment:
Arch 321            Introduction to Structures
L Arch 363         Ecological Design & Planting

Earth and Space Science:
Ess 450              Paleobiology

Psych 330           Animal Behavior Lab
Psych 406           Insect Behavior

School of Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry:
Medch 525          Alternative & Complimentary Medicine