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Biology Postdoc Seminar: Alison Weber, Nathan Belliveau & Christopher Schilling

Sensing in Flight: Neural encoding and wing structure interact to shape sensory information
By: Dr. Alison Weber (Daniel & Brunton Lab)

A race to identify the genes that support neutrophil cell migration
By: Dr. Nathan Belliveau (Theriot Lab)

Disentangling mechanisms of Miocene vegetation change
By: Dr. Christopher Schiller (Stromberg Lab)

HHMI Gilliam Seminar Series: Assessment of viral influence on plant root colonization by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

Beneficial members of the plant microbiome can increase nutrient availability for their hosts, protect their hosts against pathogens, and enhance host resilience against abiotic stress. While previous and ongoing studies of the rhizosphere microbiome have been critical for assessing the impact of specific plant-microbe interactions, their focus has overwhelmingly targeted bacterial and fungal members of the microbiome. Viruses are ubiquitous, outnumbering all other biological entities on the planet, yet they are remarkably understudied in the rhizosphere.


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