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Petty Cash Reimbursements

Department contact: Brianna Divine, 3-1678. Scan and email all forms/receipts to

Updated: 9/3/2021: If you are photographing your receipts with your phone, you must use the Adobe Scan app. JPG quality is unacceptable for records retention purposes. Alternatively, use a department copier to scan to email (no copy code needed).

  • Use natural light, next to a window is good.
  • Center your phone/camera directly over the paperwork, this is not the time to get fancy with angles. 
  • Zoom in enough so the paperwork fills the whole screen, yet doesn't cut off important information.
  • For store receipts with reward info at the bottom that takes up most of the recieipt? We don't need it, crop that out.
  • Save your original receipts just in case.

Use the Petty Cash Voucher for all non-travel, UW-business reimbursements. (Use the Travel Authorization / Reimbursement portal for travel expenses)

Acceptable Expenses:  Supplies, miscellaneous services (not personal service contracts), page charges, memberships, food/refreshments (on allowable budgets), boat fuel (not cars). Do NOT use Zelle/Venmo to pay, you will not be reimbursed.

Receipt Requirements

  • Original
  • Legible
  • Itemized (credit card receipts are insufficient)
  • Show payment made
  • Online purchases: invoice billing information must match the person being reimbursed
  • Limit per receipt/invoice of $3500
  • Perjury statements are no longer accepted for lost/insufficient receipts, see below.
  • See the Travel page for an example of how to submit your receipts.

PI Signature

  • Instruction expenses require approval from Instructional Services.
  • Grads / Postdocs with signature authority may NOT sign for themselves to be reimbursed. Faculty signature is required.
  • Email can suffice for physical signature (print & attach).

Food (Meal Reimbursement Policy)

  • List of attendees must be attached for all food purchases.
  • Fill out Form 1798 and have signed by Administrator in advance of events for all food purchases not on “Friends of Biology.”

Office Supplies

Lost Receipts

If you are missing an original receipt, you will need to provide one item from each column:

Documentation  A  And   Documentation B

Bank statement 



Duplicate, scanned, or photocopied receipt from the vendor


Packing slip



Print-out of a picture of the receipt (use your phone)


Email confirmation of purchase (non-itemized)     Lost receipt certification form signed and dated by the vendor or person from which the item/service was received. Purchases < $75 do not need vendor signature.

If the missing receipt purchase is over $75, and you cannot provide these documents, then the expense cannot be reimbursed.

Fleet Services Gas

  • Turn in gas receipts for UW Fleet Services vehicles directly to the Fleet Services office.
  • Gas is included with the rental fee, so should not be reimbursed on a biology budget.

Patronage/Member Refunds

  • REI member purchases will have 10% deducted from the reimbursement amount, per audit requirements


Reimbursement Timeline

Reimbursements are processed through Ariba. After your reimbursement has been processed, you will receive an email from Ariba with Action Required in the subject line. Click the email link to approve, you should receive your reimbursement within one week.

Employees paid via direct deposit will receive reimbursements the same way. If you receive a paper check, login to Workday, then go to: Pay > Payment elections. Select Direct Deposit for Travel & E-Reimbursements and add bank account information.

Non-UW employees and UW employees without direct deposit will receive a paper check.

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