Diversity in Biology

Welcome!  This site is designed to connect you with diversity resources within the Biology Department, the UW, & beyond. We solicit suggestions from all members of the department to best meet departmental diversity & community goals. Share your ideas with the Diversity Committee.

In the Department of Biology, we continue to strive for an inclusive and welcoming departmental culture that recognizes and encourages individual differences, that fosters the constructive expression of ideas, and that promotes shared values such as intellectual curiosity, creativity, collegiality, and sense of mission. Traditions of inclusivity, however strong, flourish and reach full potential only with continued active nourishment and effort, and with a collective sense of responsibility and mission on the part of the entire community. Accordingly, we as a Department state our commitment to following goal: we strive to enhance an increasingly diverse and collegial community of peoples, of ideas, and of approaches in our education, training, service and research missions.


University of Washington Resources related to diversity

Piece in "Inside Higher Ed" on helping a colleague deal with microaggressions

Center for Teaching and Learning has a great set of resources for helping your international students!

Events and Notices:

Upcoming - Graduate school hosts a talk and discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity.  

May 18th, 7:30 pm in Kane. Register here.  

What would YOU like to see us work on?  Email Diversity Committee Chair, Linda Martin-Morris!


April 1, 2016: Being aware of and avoiding implicit bias in grading.

Jan15, 2016: John Webster - director of writing - workshop on Implicit bias in writing assignments. 


Nov 10, 2015: Veterans in the Classroom workshop followed by 11/11 Veterans day celebration. Resources for 

teaching student veterans (from Center for Teaching and Learning).  Listen to some student veteran voices.

Oct 30, 2015: BIOL 500 visit and Discussion of diversity issues with new graduate students - focus on role of

teaching assistants to make everyone feel welcome, included, and respected in a classroom.

Oct 29-31, 2015: 2015 SACNAS meeting: Luis Zaman represented the department.

Oct 17, 2014: GO-MAP Breakfast. Attendees: Drs. Kirsten Rowell, Brian Buchwitz, and Linda Martin-Morris.  

Janet Germeraad, Elijah Wallace, Audrey Ragsac, Ishan Bhatt, and Taelon Parson


2014: GO-MAP Breakfast, SACNAS Meeting, BIOL 500, Lavender Graduation 

2013: GO-MAP Breakfast, BIOL 500, Workshops at Race: Are We So Different?, SACNAS, SafeZone Training,

Lavender Graduation

2012: BIOL 500,  SCE Lecture - Maria Klawe (See the video ), SACNAS  Read The Daily Article, Lavender Graduation


Published in 2012:  PNAS "Science faculty's subtle gender biases favor male students"  

Read the article  Read the NYT review