Diversity in Biology


Welcome!  This site is designed to connect you with diversity resources within the Biology Department, the UW, & beyond. We solicit suggestions from all members of the department to best meet departmental diversity & community goals. Share your ideas with the Diversity Committee and consider joining our meetings (times posted on the dept calendar).

In the Department of Biology, we continue to strive for an inclusive and welcoming departmental culture that recognizes and encourages individual differences, that fosters the constructive expression of ideas, and that promotes shared values such as intellectual curiosity, creativity, collegiality, and sense of mission. Traditions of inclusivity, however strong, flourish and reach full potential only with continued active nourishment and effort, and with a collective sense of responsibility and mission on the part of the entire community. Accordingly, we as a Department state our commitment to following goal: we strive to enhance an increasingly diverse and collegial community of peoples, of ideas, and of approaches in our education, training, service and research missions.


Events and Notices:

Oct 30, 2014: BIOL 500 visit and Discussion of diversity iddues with new graduate students in Biology Department

Oct 25, 2014: GO-MAP Breakfast. Attendees: Dr. Horacio de la Iglesia, Itzue Caviedes Solis, Camilla Crifo,

Janet Germeraad, Dr. Linda Martin-Morris, Taelon Parson, Jazmine Perez, Dr. Julián Avila Pacheco

Oct 16-18, 2014: SACNAS Meeting in Los Angeles, California. Attending: Marissa Heringer and Dr. Horacio de la Iglesia


Oct 26, 2013, Biology Department hosts a table at the annual GO-MAP breakfast.

Attending: Dr. Toby Bradshaw, Dr. Linda Martin-Morris, Elli Theobold (graduate student), 

Dr. Alex Paredez, Dr. Julian Avila Pacheco (post-doc), Andrea Pardo (staff), Andy Tang (undergrad)



Oct 25, 2013, Diversity awareness early on: The Diversity Committee has the podium in BIOL 500 to

discuss the value of diversity in research and teaching with the newly arrived Graduate Students. 


Oct 2013, Workshops at Race: Are We So Different?


The Pacific Science Center is hosting an exhibit on race and racism in the US and is offering free

facilitation by the city's Race and Social Justice Initiative around this topic for groups of 10 or more people.

The facilitation is focused on raising awareness, but also about helping organizations identify what they can

do to promote equity in their own practices.

Oct 3-6 2013 Jeff Riffell returned from the SACNAS meeting and reported to the committee on his
recruitment strategies. He brought back a list of about 30 students interested in graduate careers in
biosciences and he is linking them to faculty with common interests.
Thurs, Nov 15, 3:30 - 5:00, HCK 132,  SafeZone Training for all Biology staff, students, postdocs
and faculty.  Led by Dr. Jen Self, Director of the Q Center 
Fri, Oct 19, 2:30 - 3:50, PAA 023D Diversity Session w/ new grads  Organizers:  Diversity Committee
Members Discussion of 1) PNAS "Science faculty's subtle gender biases favor male students"  
Read the article ; 2) Data on diversity in the sciences; and 3) CBE-LSE "Cultural Competence in the
College Biology Classroom Read the article;   

Tues, Oct 16, 3:30 - 4:30  CSE Distinguished Lecture Series: Maria Klawe (Harvey Mudd College):

The Harvey Mudd Story: From 10% to 40% female in CS in 3 years Atrium, Paul G. Allen Center for

Computer Science & Engineering  Great Talk about an Important accomplishment!   See the video 

Mon, Oct 15, 
UW SACNAS Chapter Sweeps Awards at National Conference!!  Read The Daily Article

noon - 1:00,  HCK 132  Biology Dept Seminar by SACNAS Conference Speaker William Browne

University of Miami       Host:  Billie Swalla

Sat, Oct 13, 1:30 - 3, SEATTLE CONVENTION CENTER: 
SACNAS Meeting registration required
SACNAS Conference Symposium "Institutionalizing Diversity Programs: Challenges and 

Opportunities for Colleges and Universities" Organizers: Barbara Wakimoto and Beth Traxler

Fri, Oct 12, 8:30 - 10,  SEATTLE CONVENTION CENTER
SACNAS Meeting registration required
SACNAS Conference Symposium "Gene Networks and Endless Things Most Beautiful in Cell,

Developmental and Evolutionary Biology"  Organizer: Billie Swalla 

Th Oct 11,  Tours of UW grad programs and labs, including Biology, by SACNAS Conference students. 

Mon Sept 17 This just out from PNAS "Science faculty's subtle gender biases favor male students"  

Read the article  Read the NYT review