Free Study Assistance

Tri-Beta tutoring:
The Tri-Beta Biology Study Sessions offer free weekly drop in tutoring to students in the Introductory Biology series (BIOL 180, 200, & 220) as well as one on one sessions. Experienced students are present to answer your questions while you take advantage of free snacks and a comfortable learning environment.

Tri Beta Tutoring is located on the 4th floor atrium in Hitchcock hall during the following times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3:30PM-6:30PM

CLUE sessions:
Late night tutoring in Mary Gates Hall. Writing assistance also available.

The Biology Study Area (BSA)
The BSA (Hitchcock 220) serves as a hub for both students and faculty in the Biological Sciences at the UW. Students study individually and in groups, get answers to biology- and computer-related questions, and complete course-related work on their own computers or the department's.

Instructional Center, Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
The academic arm of the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD) Educational Opportunity Program, the Instructional Center (IC), serves students that are affiliates of the OMAD. The front desk is where students request to use the Center for tutoring, other instruction, or computer lab usage. All students using the Instructional Center must have a scan card; this card is issued through the OMA Counseling Center, or OMA affiliates can come to the IC and sign up for a card. Non-EOP students will be issued a card upon approval of their Referral Form.

Biology Networking Night

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