Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the introductory biology series at UW?

The Introductory Biology Sequence is a three quarter long series including Biology 180, 200, and 220. The main topics covered in each course are as follows:
Biology 180: Evolution, Mendelian Genetics, Ecology, and Biodiversity
Biology 200: Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Development
Biology 220: Animal and Plant Physiology

This sequence of Biology is foundational to many majors across campus in addition to those in the Department of Biology. Currently the department offers as many sections of introductory biology each quarter as possible. Biology 180, 200 and 220 are offered every quarter. We do not overload the class because space is based on 24 lab seats per lab. If you do not get into an introductory course in a given quarter you may attend the first day of class for further information on availability for that quarter. You may also see an Academic Counselor to help you with schedule planning. In most cases Advisers can help you come up with a plan that still has you graduating on time. The earlier you see an Adviser the better.

Q: Can I repeat one of the introductory biology courses? (180, 200, 220)

Students are allowed to repeat Biology 180, 200, and 220 on a space available basis. Please keep in mind that space is limited for repeating courses and students should really make these foundational courses a priority; repeating a course should be a last resort. Students can register themselves for any introductory biology course they wish to repeat during PERIOD 3 registration. You must also repeat the lab portion of the course. Students can repeat one time and one time ONLY at the UW Seattle Campus.

Q: The biology class I want to take is full, what can I do?

a.. Keep checking the time schedule; click on the link for each individual
SLN to check the status (the front page is only refreshed once every 24hrs)
b. Check the time schedule after grades are posted for the current
quarter; students not meeting the pre-req's will be dropped from the class.
This is noted on the time schedule as "cancellation in effect".
c. Go to the class and associated labs or quiz sections the first day and
first week of the quarter and ask the instructors about getting in. Many
courses will drop students that do not show up for the first week of lab or
d. There are NO wait lists and NO add codes. The instructor/lab coordinator
handles any wait list beginning the first day of the quarter based on who shows
e. Use the "Notify.UW" feature in the time schedule for notifications for open spaces.
Q: How do I sign up for the email listserve?

The Biology Advisers maintain a listserve called biostudent. Anyone can request to be added to this email notification system. Notices regarding jobs, research, internship and scholarship opportunities as well as course announcements and event notices are sent out to this list. Want to be in the know? Visit this site and enter your information to request to be added to biostudent:

Q: How do I apply for graduation?

Students should see an adviser three quarters prior to their anticipated date of graduation to complete the Graduation Application form and confirm that all requirements will be met. Students who have completed the Graduation Application by the required date will receive Graduating Senior Priority when they register for their last two quarters (summer not included).