*******Please note: Biology department admissions is currently transitioning to an application process. The application is not yet available, it will be posted on this page when it is and you are able to apply. Please check back often!*********
Beginning Summer 2014 admission to the BA and BS Degrees offered by the Department of Biology will be by competitive application process. This process is designed not to limit access to the major but to assist students in careful planning and preparation for success in the Biology Major. Students are encouraged to visit Biology Advising early in their academic career or prior to transfer to begin planning for the major.
Applications for the undergraduate degree programs in Biology will be accepted quarterly. A completed electronic application will be due the second Friday of Autumn, Winter, Spring, & Summer quarters by 11:59pm. Applications received by the system after the quarterly cut off will be considered for the subsequent quarter.
To apply for a Biology Major, students must meet these minimum Application Requirements:
1.      Be a matriculated student at the UW Seattle Campus and in good academic standing.
2.      Complete the Introductory Biology series or equivalent courses to UW BIOL 180, 200, 220 and have a minimum               grade of 2.0 in EACH course.
3.      Have a minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA for any supporting course work in Chemistry, Physics, Math, Biology or                  other courses intended for use in the Biology major that are complete at the time of application.
Meeting these minimum requirements will not guarantee admission to the Biology major. Other factors in admission include review of personal statement, space availability in the major, and time to degree set by UW Satisfactory Progress Policy. 
We strongly encourage students who do not earn a 2.0 in each of their Biology Intro courses and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in supporting course work needed to apply to Biology, or if they have academic issues to explain that are larger than a single course or quarter, to see a Dept. of Biology Academic Adviser to address these issues prior to application.  Walk-In Advising is Available M-F* 9am-12pm and 1-4pm. You may also make an individual appointment by contacting one of the Biology Advisers directly.
*Summer Hours: Walk-ins are Monday-Thursday Only



  • To have your introductory biology courses from another school evaluated, please email one of the advisers with a full and complete syllabus.